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Prompt to Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR / VR)
Niloom is the first platform that harnesses GenAI within the spatial computing ecosystem to help you ideate, create, live collaborate, and prototype sophisticated AR / VR content using text or speech prompts. With, you can:

Generate individual assets

This can include generating characters, 3D objects, 2D objects, sound effects, music, humanoid animation, personality of the character, specific dialog and voice for the character, visual effects,  photo/video as well as light
- Example of sound: “Generate classical music” or “generate the sound of a roaring dragon”
- Example of Image:
“Generate a skybox of a blue sky with white clouds and flying rabbits”
- Example of Personality:
“Generate a very friendly and fearless lady”

Generate complete AR / VR stories

Niloom helps you go beyond individual asset generation. For example, you can use a prompt that combines multiple types of assets, and specify the position of the asset in space, the specific animation and its duration on the timeline, character’s voice, etc.
- Example of a story: “Create a female character wearing a purple outfit. Have her walk from the left hand to the right center of the screen, while whistling. At the same time, have a male character walk from the right hand side to the center. When they meet in the center, have her say “let's dance”, and have the two of them dance for 15 seconds to acid jazz music”. It's as simple as that!

Create & Publish Instantly Across All Devices enables real-time content creation and instant publishing across all spatial computing devices (iPhone, Android, Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest)
Mobile Devices
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* Already available in the U.S. & soon in more countries!
Advanced Editing Toolkit
Want to make an amazing spatial computing (AR / VR) experience? Imagine yourself as a movie director: who are your characters, how do they interact, and what do they say? Do they improvise based on personality? Consider the set: props, sound/visual effects, music, light. helps  bring your story to life with an easy prompt to AR, or our creation toolkit.
Create, collaborate, edit, prototype, and publish AR / VR content across multiple platforms in minutes. Total creative control at your fingertips!
Add 3D Model
Add 2D Images
Add 360° Images (Skybox)
Add Lights
Add Sounds
Add Visual Effect
Add Characters
Add Interactivity
Asset Library
Link to the Niloom Waitlist
* Already available in the U.S. & soon in more countries!
User Friendly Interface
Prompt to AR, generate scenes with generative AI
Walk from destination A to B with your Character model
Generate Music with Niloom Generative AI
Create and Add sounds with Niloom Generative AI
Add Dialog with Niloom Generative AI
Add Lights to your scene easily
End to End Solution
Spatial computing (AR / VR) content creation made easy
Generative AI
Advanced Editing
Management System
Message From The Founder.
Welcome to
Niloom opens the floodgates to the creative community who have been sidelined by the technical requirements of content creation in spatial computing

As an early adopter of spatial computing, I experienced firsthand the limitations of relying on an army of engineers to bring my artworks to life.

Niloom monumentally transforms the spatial computing content creation process by dismantling the technical and cost barriers that exist in the market, allowing anyone to generate and publish AR / VR experiences in minutes.
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Meet our Team

Amir Baradaran


Anas Damri

Head of Operations

Imane Acherrat

Frontend Backend

Mark Levine

Head of Marketing

Sinh Ho

Head of XR
Tapas Joshi, Head of Architecture & ML of Niloom

Tapas Joshi

Head of Architecture & ML
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About is the only browser-based “Prompt to AR” spatial computing content creation platform for casual and professional creators alike. is an end-to-end, comprehensive, no-code solution that harnesses GenAI to create and instantly publish sophisticated spatial computing (AR / VR) content across all devices (iPhone, Android, Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest) at a fraction of the time and cost. was founded by pioneering AR / VR artist Amir Baradaran.
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